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3 Reasons From the First Dating Dependent All Balances

Did you know that the first appointment could make you or break up your relationship with a woman?

There are countless ones that can go wrong at the first appointment and you should always be prepared to be second and third.

As we have mentioned again, there are specific dating rules that need to be followed in order to get the results you deserve from flirting and beautiful women .

And noticed : it’s not what you thought so far.

Not only do you know what to say to the beautiful women you’re dating .

It’s also about knowing how you can handle yourself in order to see the woman you come out of being excited about your presence and actually being attracted to you.

First of all, it is very important that you are yourself and this is definitely something that you achieve in practice. It is sensible for the first time you make an appointment to have anxiety , especially if you are looking for a relationship .

The point is your nervousness not to pay you but to be able to manage your reactions and your feelings.

A man who has made a lot of effort for a first date with women certainly has more experience than someone who does not often. This gradually results in being more relaxed and showing the best aspects of himself.

Above all, you have to keep in mind that the purpose for the first appointment is not to go with your wife home . The purpose is to have a good time, have fun, enjoy it and especially get to know each other.

However, dating girls you like have specific details that tell you how to develop your relationship .

But if you are ashamed to flirt then it is much harder to ask a woman to make an appointment.

A good first date can be the starting point for many others.

But how important is the first date? What is it that determines whether there will be a second appointment and how can you be sure that this woman deserves you?

Continue to read and discover the 3 main reasons that the first appointment is extremely important for your relationship with a woman.

# 1. In First Dating You Learn All The Information You Need To Know

From the very first moments of communication, you can understand how your relationship will evolve.

The more experienced you become with women, the more details and details you will see will determine the view that you have for each woman.

A woman will inadvertently give you some information about herself, her life , her reality, her view of relationships, and what she expects of you.

All of these are elements that you need to look for in the course of your communication and in some way to evoke them with your questions and the discussions you are starting.

This in itself should be enough to make a complete and satisfactory conclusion about how this woman is going   with you and what kind of person she is.

Do not be immediately drawn by your enthusiasm. Even if you live the most beautiful moments with her, it’s still a good start to know what kind of person you are.

You have to do a lot of things together and live a lot of experiences to make sure this woman is worth it with you.

You have to spend several weeks before you manage to have a first comprehensive view of a woman.

And you have to experience some difficulties together to make sure it will support you and it will fit right against you.

However, from the very first appointment you can make some very important conclusions about the character and the way of thinking.

  • She noticed how she talks about herself, about the other men and about her surroundings.
  • She noticed whether she has an opinion on the important issues of life and whether she can support it.
  • Notice whether he is listening to you carefully or interrupting.
  • Notice whether it looks at you and takes care of you if you really care about what you say and do.

How the relationship begins between you is of paramount importance for how it will evolve.

If a woman is rude, snobbish, indifferent or thinks she is the focus of the world then you definitely do not want her in your life.

# 2. You Have the Opportunity to Promote Your Best Character Elements

If you are really relaxed and you do not feel nervous, then at the first appointment you have the opportunity to project the best elements of your character.

However, if nervousness and anxiety make you feel you have to achieve and achieve a certain result then it is very likely that your most positive sides will be buried and never come to the surface.

Stress comes ONLY when we think we have to attribute to something. Performance anxiety comes from a wrong mindset about who is the goal of the first date.


The purpose of the first appointment is NOT to prove it to her. You DO NOT end up home and have s.. . It is NOT to prove to her how perfect you are and how appropriate you are to her.

There is no perfect quote that you can tell or perfect behavior at every moment of your contact.

On the contrary!

The purpose of the first appointment is to have fun, to spend well, to enjoy it and especially to KNOW.

If you go to the first appointment with this mentality it is extremely unlikely that you will not project the best aspects of yourself.

With the right mindset, the first appointment gives you the opportunity to project the best version of yourself and gain its attention. This is really attractive for a woman.

Remember also: it must also gain your attention and your respect.

Do not go to any appointment without criteria. You also have the right to discard it.

In any case, it is extremely important to be relaxed at the first appointment to show the best aspects of your personality and character .

# 3. In the First Dating You Determine The Territory for the Rest

Whether you are dating through dating apps and online dating sites or dating outdoors, from the moment you make an appointment you have the opportunity to find the right ground for all the other appointments to follow.

This is extremely important so pay attention.

If from your very first contact and communication you do not clearly define your limits, you do not clearly show what you are asking for and which behaviors you reject and do not show to the woman that you are the leader of your relationship, it is very likely that continuity is not as you expected it.

Do not be a carpet to step on and do not be a good kid. Do not do all the goodies from the start and do not put it on a pedestal.

Remember that she must also gain your attention.

And she must win the second, third, fourth appointment.

And she must win you, not just you.

And you have the right to discard it.

Do not neglect to have criteria and move on to them.

Certainly all men need a woman beside us but not a certain one.

So set up the ground in an appropriate way to understand your value and want to claim you.

Just as you do at the first appointment, so the woman will wait for the rest.

So give a great foundation to the rules and limits you set from the beginning to get the relationship you deserve with this woman.

More generally, having in your mind all that you have read, you have to give a huge basis to what happens at the first appointment.

Do not be neglected and do not let the situations evolve into luck. Everything that happens during the first appointment plays a role. You should be able to take responsibility for the conditions and take an active part in the evolution of situations.

Pay attention. Why there may not be next.

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