• October 21, 2019

3 Steps to Overcome Fear of First Approach

It has happened to me many times. I want to flirt a woman, approach her and open a conversation with her but … I’m stuck! Countless thoughts pass through my mind. I start getting fearful of situations that may not even apply!

I think he may have a relationship, not be interested, that I do not even show my best today. That she might choose  someone more beautiful or stronger man in my place, that I will not know what to say or what to do.

Fear of the first approach is something we all face every day during flirting. We would like the first approach to come out effortlessly and not scare us so much that our knees are cut every time we see a woman we like. At least I would like to.

The fear of the first approach often comes from our fear of making mistakes. However, if you are afraid to make mistakes, you are basically afraid to succeed.

However, there is no need for a panic attack every time we want to talk to a woman. Many women are very receptive to flirting and even expect it. I have discovered this over the years. The more women I approach the more I leave my fears.

Of course, I understand that our relationships with women can be quite complicated and sometimes we are stuck and we do not know what to say.

But I have come to the following conclusion: The purpose of flirting is not to get us anxious and to overcome fear. The purpose of flirting is to have fun and enjoy the process both we and the woman.

As simple as it may sound, it is so complicated in its practice. Once it comes into our minds that we want a woman we are going through stress and forgetting our name. Many times, approaching and kissing a woman can be as scary as it sounds.

But Why Does It Get Us Fear When We Want To Approach A Woman?

There are several reasons why this happens. Fear of the first approach is something that every man has to pay from the first day he realizes he likes to deal with the opposite s.. .

Continue reading and discovering the most common reasons we fear getting closer to a woman we like.

At first, this fear is related to what is important to us as a whole in our lives. I’ve been through periods of time that I’ve been so focused on my business, so I did not care at all about whether a woman would dismiss me. I did not experience the rejection by a woman like her in times when my love had priority.

So, we are focused on each and every stage and stage we are playing plays a huge role in whether we are afraid to approach a woman we like.

The key issue is how much we value ourselves as individuals and how much we expect from others to add value to us . This is a major cause of fear.

When we have value and we know it, it is much easier to approach a woman. This is because we do not expect the woman to approach our value. On the contrary, we feel quite stable and powerful within us so that no one can shake us.

The third reason that frightens you before the first approach is whether you like the woman you want to flirt a little or very little. Usually the more we like a woman, the more we feel we have to pay off.

This leads us to the fourth cause of our need for performance. This is perhaps the most important factor that causes us anxiety and we can not be ourselves.

When you approach a woman many times you go into the process of trying to impress her. This stems from a deep inner need for every person to be perfect and to do it all perfectly.

Continue to read and discover the three ways to overcome the fear of the first approach.

# 1. Accept The Fact That You Are Afraid

The awareness of our emotions and their acceptance are the first steps to address them. Sometimes it is more important to recognize and accept the fact that we are afraid to do something rather than overcome it.

We must realize that fear is not necessarily a negative emotion. It puts us in a process of evolution and internal turmoil and plays a huge role in learning to cope with our feelings and coping with difficult circumstances.

Essentially, fear is a sign of change. Not only does it show us that we have a wrong way of thinking that holds us back, it helps us to realize that we can achieve and get what we want and aim for.

Even when we are in a relationship that is not doing well we are afraid to take the step and split. Why; Why separation hurts.

It is a means of development rather than an obstacle. That is why we must learn to recognize the feeling and accept it instead of resisting it and being in denial.

So we will learn to deal with life more dynamically and with more courage. Rejection is part of the process of becoming stronger and stronger in order to achieve what we are claiming and deserving.

Once you learn to recognize and accept the fear, a great burden will flow from you. You will realize that it is human to fear and you will not judge yourself for it. So you will be ready to go further.

# 2. Do Practice

As I was dealing with flirting and women more and more over the years, I discovered the following: with the more women I spoke, the less fear I felt before the first approach.

That was perfectly reasonable. First, I used to fear and did not think anymore how I would look in the eyes of a woman.

Secondly, I gradually began to demystify the flirting  and the women.

Another basic reason that we are afraid to approach a woman we like is that we are in the minds of both women and the flirting itself. This makes us want to give, to think perfectly, to say the perfect quote.

All of this anxiety stabs us and finally ends up doing nothing.

Nevertheless ! If you start to engage often with women, you will gradually begin to demystify the opposite s.. and get more physically.

You will realize that no man is perfect as there is no perfect and that either your interlocutor is man or woman has his insecurity and his phobias. So you do not have to do anything to win a woman.

All you need is to be relaxed and your self.

# 3. Make The First Step So And Otherwise, Ignore Fave

Remember the following phrase: “Action cure fear”

In other words, whatever you fear is on it.

In most cases what we are afraid will never happen. It’s just part of our imagination and they have nothing to do with reality.

Stop worrying and act! It is the most direct and effective way to overcome your phobias and prove to yourself that nothing and no one can throw you.

All these scenarios that go through your mind before you approach the woman you like are just that: scripts.

They have not happened and most likely they will not happen . So instead of overestimating the situation and thinking with the times what would happen if you approached it take the first step and you will see that the fear will leave you.

Your relationship with women and people does not determine what you will say or do, but your value and what you think you deserve. Do not stick. Take the first step and proceed vigorously.

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