• October 21, 2019

3 Ways That Flirt and Drive To Sure Failure

Have you ever thought the way you flirted is responsible for your er*tic failure?

Have you ever thought you can influence the results you have in your relationship with the opposite s.. ?

Have you thought how your life would have been if there was not even a failure scenario and almost every approach you made was successful?

Success and failure are not two concepts unrelated to each other. In fact, success is the result of many failed attempts.

In order to succeed, you must first overcome a few hundred failures.


We do not have to make our lives difficult .

The way of success can not be paved with rose petals, but there are ways to get faster to the desired level and to have the results we deserve without being unfairly tortured.

And yes, there is a way to do that.

There are some ways you can flirt if, if you happen to use them, they lead to sure rejection and erotic failure.

And many times we all flirt with these ways without realizing how wrong the picture we can show or that our effects on flirting depend on them.

It is one of these situations and attitudes that we have at an unconscious level that make us behave in a way that will certainly not bring us the desired results.

There is no man who does not fail when flirting. This is the only way we all follow until we find what works and what does not and experience experience in flirting and women .

This truth may be harsh, but it is a reality that applies to everyone.

In order to reduce the failed approaches and to know what is wrong when you fail, we list the three basic ways you flirt and lead to a sure erotic failure!

# 1. You Think A Target And You Forget To Enjoy The Process

The first way leading to a sure failure is to flirt with having a specific goal in your mind to succeed.

This goal may be to give you her phone, to kiss or to arrange an appointment.

Nevertheless! When you approach a woman with a specific target in your mind you forget the most basic: enjoy the process.

The result is, of course, to be anxious , nervous or even indifferent to what the woman with whom you are kissing does and does.

This is one of the basic pitfalls we all fall.

The point is that women have a high perception and intelligence and understand your intentions. So once they understand that you are not really interested in them but instead want to just achieve your goal, they will reject you.

Instead of thinking about it, he changed mindset and started to flirt to have fun. As long as you have fun, the more I will be your self and the woman will have fun with you.

This will bring you closer to accepting an appointment or giving you her phone because she will remember that you went well together.

So instead of reaching out and flirting with a specific purpose in your mind , start to flirt for yourself and to get through well!

# 2. Missing The Signs That He Gives You In Flirt

This error is very common and we do it all. And it is a way that leads to a certain failure.

I have failed several times because of this bad habit, especially when I was making my first steps in flirting and talking about women for the first time.

At that time I did not know that women, unwittingly, gave us signs of going well with us if they were interested and if they liked the debate we had.

These signs are given to us unconsciously and come from their body language, the movements they make, their expressions and the way they speak.

That’s why you have to be very observant about even the smallest detail about how the woman you are related to.

See how she reacts to your touch, how she looks at you and where her body looks when you talk.

If she plays with her hair, she looks at you intensely and she often touches you, then she is most likely to be interested.

Instead, if you often see eye contact , avoid touching , have arms crossed, and your body looks in a different direction from yours, then these are signs that it is not particularly drawn by you.

However, you can read the corresponding body language article and find out what specific indications it gives you based on the way it stands and moves when you are together.

The important thing is to remember that women give you specific signs through what they say and do, and it’s EXCELLENT important to be able to observe and understand what’s going on.

# 3. You are not asking for a phone and you do not do the next step

The third and fatal mistake we make and drive ourselves to a sure failure.

While everything has worked well in our approach and we have some evidence that the woman we are flirting is positive, we leave saying “I was glad to get to know” WITHOUT DRAWING COMMUNICATION DATA !!

This may be because we are afraid of rejection, because we are ashamed or because we do not think it will be positive.

This is a tragic mistake and I will prove it to you. If you do not take the step to exchange contact information, there is NO case to see it again.

Instead, if you take the step and tell her to make an appointment or give her her phone, you have a much greater chance of getting here.

Do not be afraid to risk. Flirting without exchanging data and ending up somewhere in your communication reduces the value of flirting.

Even if he rejects you, there is a certain amount of time you insist on winning.

Of course, as we said at the beginning, you will not go to exchange items or have s.. .


If you see everything going as you wanted, always make a move to see it again.

All in all, if you correct these three mistakes and change those three ways that you flirt, you will find that flirting is not that difficult at all.

Follow these tips in order to stop making your life difficult and to have further failures.

Of course, through failure, we take many and worthwhile lessons and we are evolving.

This is one of the basic rules of life.

So do not be disappointed.

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