• October 21, 2019

Anxiety and Flirting: How Not to Block with a Beautiful Woman

I know and I’ve lived it, a very beautiful woman can stress you out and block you.

Especially if your contact with women is limited, it becomes increasingly difficult to reach out and flirt with beautiful women without getting stuck. Being able to be yourself during flirting is a big deal.

And it takes time and practice. It is not from one moment to the next that you gain the confidence you need and project the best aspects of yourself.

However, it’s important to remember that flirting is an enjoyable process and purpose flirting is fun and enjoyment. Being blocked and anxious when meeting a beautiful woman makes sense.

But: It shouldn’t be enough to stop you from flirting.

All That Blocks You In Front Of A Beautiful Woman

I realize that a woman’s influence on you can be very big. However, her beauty is often associated with this effect.

The point is to realize the reasons we block when talking to a woman, but also the reasons we are anxious and stick around even more when she is beautiful.

In most cases, weird as it may seem, we sabotage ourselves when we flirt.

For some reason I have noticed that the more I engage in flirting as well as the students who come to Men Of Style, the more beautiful a woman is, the more they block and stress.

This is no longer a mystery to me. On the contrary, I have come to realize five basic reasons for this happening to us.

# 1. You’re thinking too much about what to say to a beautiful woman

The verbal part in communicating with a woman is quite important from a point of view. However, you need to understand that it is more important how you feel and your body language.

One reason that many men are anxious and nervous when talking to a beautiful woman is that they are afraid of running out of issues, having nothing to say or trying to remember what the woman said at one particular point in their conversation.

Knowing how to guide a conversation is important, but more important is to feel comfortable and relaxed and to be yourself.

Don’t look for the perfect match to impress and win. Over-effort blocks the mind and brings about the opposite effects.

# 2. Think About Her Reactions And Depend On Them

Following on from the above, you are scared and worried about a woman’s reaction when you tell her something or when you do something. And your psychology and your emotions are immensely dependent on her own reactions.

But if you let the reactions of others define your life and your behavior , it makes sense for you to be anxious about any reaction someone might have to you.

So you are blocking and sticking when you talk to a beautiful woman, as you avoid being yourself and acting as you feel, spontaneously, because you are afraid of how she might react, that she will judge you and eventually reject you.

# 3. You think you have to be perfect

Another trap that most men fall for.

We are confused about being the best version of ourselves by being perfect.

But accept that there is nothing perfect, that you will make mistakes and that no woman, no matter how beautiful she is, is looking for a man-robot!

Striving constantly to look perfect puts you in a crazy state of stress and completely blocks you out. Basically, you reject aspects of yourself that you don’t like and expect yourself to be perfect and perform.

There is nothing you can do. Flirting is not a test.

It is futile to try to achieve the perfect, because the woman does not have the opportunity to know who you really are.

How To Be Yourself In Flirting

# 1. I forgot the result

Result means exchanging phones. Or having sex. Or going out for a first date.

The result will come as long as you are yourself and have fun.

Instead of focusing on her reactions, whether she’ll give you a call or want to see you again, focus on enjoying the flirting process.

This will really set you free.

Either way, being anxious and not even approaching a woman is going to have no effect. Even if you are blocking and thinking deeply about the outcome, it is best to go talk to her to see what her real reaction is, not what you can imagine.

Women find it difficult by nature to reach a man. So if you don’t take the step you won’t!

# 2. Make mistakes

Making mistakes and not trying to be perfect is extremely important.

If you find out that you have chemistry with the woman but something along the way is wrong, do not worry.

Instead, accept that you are learning and evolving through your mistakes, and seek to make mistakes so that you realize that something tragic will not happen.

Equally, making mistakes in flirting and dating a beautiful woman shows that you are a man and you identify with her, and she is not perfect.

You also show her that you have the courage to be yourself and that you feel comfortable with her. And so, you make her feel comfortable and have fun.

# 3. Demystify Tel

In most cases, we think that a beautiful woman is more valuable than us and that we are inferior to her.

The result is to put her on a pedestal and seek her attention and acceptance.

However, you have to realize that beauty is not an achievement of its own, but it is inherent in nature. This, of course, does not diminish the value of a beautiful woman, but it does not raise it at all.

Its value, like yours, will be shown by the way it thinks and behaves.

You need to realize that it is not perfect, because it is a flawed person who makes mistakes just like you.

So you don’t have to put it on a pedestal.

Imagine her so that she can feel that you understand her and that you do not focus on her beauty and appearance, as everyone, but on her character, her personality and her accomplishments in life.

Overall, beauty in a woman is one of the key factors that many men block.

However, beautiful women are men too and have an equal need for acceptance and love.

The more relaxed you and yourself are, the more she will calm down because she will realize that you see her as something more than a beautiful woman.

And that plays a key role in winning it, but most importantly in giving up stress and learning to enjoy the flirt to the fullest.

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