• October 21, 2019

Magic Quotes for Women: Do They Work Finally

If you have thought so far that you need magic quotes for women … then you might change your mind in this article.

During my career in flirting, I started to wonder: are there any smart quirks for women?

Are there specific phrases you can say in the approach to making a woman want you?

And how much does it have to say about what you do?

It took me a long time to find the answer to these questions.

If you are even the least like me, then you are most likely to be looking for the magic words you can say and make the woman enchanted by your presence.

When I started, I was constantly searching for the appropriate phrases and quotes that would make the woman I am about to be impressed.

In my eyes it was extremely unlikely that there was nothing I could say which would make her lose her logic and be captured by my presence.

However, as I was moving on the path of flirting, I was approaching more and more women discovering the cruel but redeeming truth: magical words DO NOT EXIST.

There are no funny quotes about women, which you will say, and she will be thrilled with laughter.

There are no quotes that if you use them you will definitely win it.

And there are certainly no lines that work for all women.

Why Do Not There Are Magical Segaes That Work In All Women?

First of all, looking for an order that works for every beautiful woman has no meaning at all, and I’ll show you right away why:

Every woman is different.

He is a different person, with different needs, different “I want”, experiences, insecurities and goals.

Also, each person has a different character and personality.

Therefore, just as there is no medicine for all illnesses, so there is not one or a few magic spells that work for all women.

Certainly, however, there are phrases that you can say and that roughly bring good results in most cases.

However, it is more important how you say something than what you will say.

If it is difficult for you to believe this, I will explain it on the basis of scientific data.

According to scientists, 87-93% of communication is non-verbal. This means that your body language and voice are responsible for 87-93% of your total communication with a human being and therefore a woman.

So what you say is about 13-7% worth of how you say it.

You can give me the perfect queue that always works and tell her in such a wrong and awkward way that a woman rejects me in seconds.

So, as many magic or funny quotes give you any value, if they are not combined with proper body language and proper speech.

Essentially, you have to be more careful about how you move and distract your mind from what you have to say.

This does not mean that what you say is not important.

Simply, the way you say something makes the difference.

Besides that, when you have ready quotes you say to women they understand it .

Women are particularly intelligent, socially and emotionally and can quickly perceive whether a man speaks to them honestly or simply wants to say something in order to “throw them”.

If the second case is true, there is no attraction, but instead the woman is repelled.

So the purpose is not to find the perfect aka to tell her. The point is to show her that you really want to be there, and that you are interested in your conversation.

What You Can Do To Win It True Without Tricks

Instead of thinking it is essential and vital to find the perfect quote, focus first on ENTERING!

This is important in terms of flirting and is one of the few ways in which attraction will rise.

In fact, attraction goes up when your mind is not stuck in what to say but you go well and enjoy the process. In this way you are more free and you are yourself.

The result is that when you are yourself you have the opportunity to show off the best aspects of yourself and become more attractive.

As you have seen, women do not approach as easily as men. Therefore, it is extremely important to have more and more successful approaches to find the woman you deserve.

In conclusion, you have to realize that by searching for the perfect queue you lose the real goal, which is nothing but having fun during the flirting and finding the right woman for you.

Therefore, it is necessary to separate what is important about flirting and women and what not.

Of course, having two or three phrases that work and mostly fit you can prove to be extremely helpful if you solve during a conversation.

However, do not have a specific plan on what you will say and what to do when you approach a woman. Despise and enjoy the process.

In closing, I want to emphasize that even the most beautiful woman on the planet will not feel attracted to you because you will tell her the perfect quote.

There are other characteristics that women are looking for in men and which attract them to a huge extent.

Focus on cultivating these features and not finding magic!

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