• October 21, 2019

When The Kilometers Separate you

How difficult is it to make a relationship from a distance?

Is it worth getting into the process?

And how many chances can this achieve?

These questions have come to my mind recently as I was thinking of a distance relationship I had made and I was preparing to go into another relationship of the same type.

I had spent two wonderful years , and two difficult years. The miles separated us as we needed almost a day trip to see each other.

On the other hand, there were many benefits to it. Perhaps the distance has helped little to keep this relationship.

However, essentially because of the distance we finally split.

Therefore, these absurdities came to my mind when I was going to go back to the process of starting something similar.

Naturally, the years have passed, my experiences are more and more different and obviously every situation and every person with whom you have a relationship is different .

However, this does not negate that there are some common factors that define some details and behaviors that affect the evolution of the relationship.

Sure, it is not the same to have the woman you are in touch with and to have it for hours. It’s not the same for you, nor for her.

It may be better, maybe worse. And everyone is experiencing it differently.

In What We Have Benefited And In What We Brought Distance Relationship

There were several benefits and several disadvantages in the whole situation.

Initially, because of the distance, it was not so easy for the bumper to come in a relationship after a while. The miles that separated us were beneficial in this. It’s much easier to get bored than when you see your partner once a month!

Because we were not all day together, we missed each other much more. The result in the two years was that I almost did not feel bored.

So this was a big plus that had the relationship from a distance.

A distance relationship is beneficial in other ways too.

For example, you have more urge to see your partner. You expect how and how to get the days to meet her.

Of course, in some cases this was followed by a sadness and a melancholy because they think that the days do not pass and that you want to see it now.

However, in general, the anxiety that you feel as you approach the days you find yourself is something that does not come out easily from your mind.

Moreover, when you finally see it, everything looks magical.

Everything you do is a new experience and it gets more value than you would otherwise give it.

You appreciate more everything that you live as small and insignificant as it may seem, because you know you have few precious moments with her.

Therefore, from this angle, you are much more important about what you do together and the distance creates a huge benefit for the relationship.

On the other hand, there are also some issues that are created due to distance.

For me, the most important thing was that I could not share my experiences and, in general, my everyday life with the woman next to me.

In a relationship, getting shared memories is extremely important, as can you share your daily life with the person you have chosen to be next to you.

When you are away from each other, it is much harder to do so.

Your communication is limited to the phone or video call and you can not see it whenever you want or when you feel the need.

For me, this is one of the worst and most torturing situations I had to deal with.

Of course, if this is because you are in the army, then things can be very different.

Another issue was that when there are tensions in your relationship, which is perfectly reasonable and normal to happen, you can not solve them as effectively as solving them.

Distance disturbs your communication and you have to be creative and find other ways beyond the usual ones so that the fights will not break you up.

Especially in terms of tensions, usually one of them will have to retreat because you are away and you can not find yourself in order to solve it calmly and nicely.

This is a big issue that arises in several relationships from a distance and in any case it has been something that has made me very busy and it prevents the relationship from developing calmly.

Moreover, something that worked both positively and negatively was that everyone had their own reality. Although this is good to be there when you make a relationship that you are at close range, when you are away it needs attention.

Having everyone in their own reality is generally positive. It is necessary for everyone to have his own interests and hobbies, his friends and be able to work independently of each other.

However, caution is needed because, if that is done to an extreme extent, you may leave the relationship pattern and end up having everyone’s own life without feeling that it is really in relation.

All of these were issues that I had faced and I was very concerned about during the relationship.

The main point for me is that the distance, sometimes, hurts.

What Do You Do When Kilometers Split You?

For each person this piece is different, because everyone treats situations differently in his life.

What helped me then was that I accepted the situation as it is.

I knew that, due to circumstances, things would not change and I did not even want to change them.

On the contrary, I was reconciled with the situation and focused on every moment I was living with.

In addition, we had found specific times and ways of communication that matched us and we both respected each other’s time.

But in any case, having a person who is important to you and who you want to share with you at any moment can be quite tortuous and difficult.

There are times when the woman is missing too much and you just want to go and find it.

For me, if you can.

Reduce the time you are separated as much as you can.

And when you are making use of this time to the fullest.

I know, the distance relationship is something that can offer you unique experiences but also bring you to a quagmire.

However, it is an adventure, as is life.

Overall, I would not want to prevent or encourage anyone to do so. Everyone has their own choices and works differently in every situation.

I have heard countless stories that have tried it and have achieved countless stories that have tried it and failed.

Many times, the difficulties make a relationship even stronger and both people mature in ways they had not imagined.

Therefore, it is best for me to do what you feel, but always thinking about the above arguments and considering that this relationship may not evolve the way you expect. Either in the positive direction or towards the negative.

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